SOooooo…I was perusing Ebony Mag online and found this article……..

It discusses the essence of black people that has been an inherent mesmerizing quality for quite some time. But, what we have to realize is that yes Black people are an amazing people; however, we are so multi-faceted and multi-talented. That is the purpose of Deeper Than Black: To help others [and more importantly our own people] understand that we have many positives. We cannot buy into the media projected stereotypes of our people. Often times we are depicted as one dimensional beings. This ultimately becomes detrimental to our social and psychological welfare. At the point we understand that most of what we see and/or hear in the media are mythified and hyperbolic concepts of black people and that we indeed have the power to shatter those molds, we begin to tap into our intrinsic greatness. So read this article. Gain pride for your people and begin to tap into your greatness.